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  • „It was a present of destiny for me to go into the world of the Origami-art.”
    More than 30 years ago I encountered the Japanese art of paper folding for the first time. In the meantime I created more than 3100 models. I plan on publishing selected models from these various objects step by step on this website in the gallery or to reproduce using the folding manuals. During the last couple of years I published several books which are listed at the menu item Publications. Please let me know, if you are interested in any of them.
    Any published press reports about me can be viewed at the menu item Press.
    update of the gallery at 09/04/2019
    thumb Schmetterling 339
    Designed: September 2019
    Category: Insects: butterflies
    update of the folding manuals at 09/12/2019

    Schachtel 440
    Designed: September 2019
    Category: Boxes & dishes
    link schachtel440.pdf
    7 pages, 226 KB
    Difficulty: star star star star star

    update of the publications at 09/02/2015

    Der Origami-Sternenhimmel 2
    86 neue Sterne, mit Schritt für Schritt Anleitungen
    Pages: 268
    Publisher: epubli (08/15/2015)
    ISBN: 9783737559218
    Price: 29.50 €

    update of the press at 09/12/2011
    Das grosse Krabbeln
    in miteinander, 09/12/2011
    link miteinander20110912.pdf (176 KB)