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  • profil In 1947 I behold the small world of the beautiful Island Norderney in East Frisia. At that time I couldn't suspect what would expect me.
    It was a present of destiny for me to go into the world of the Origami-art. I already have dealt with the material paper as a child. Because I was not allowed to use any scissors for that, I had to create the figures by tearing and folding. So I made first intensive experiences with the structure of the paper. I have dealt with the material paper only occasionally later.
    More than 30 years ago I got for the first time a little book about Origami into my hands. After initial difficulties with folding and with understanding the drawings I became surer with the time in working with the paper. Since then the fascination of folding didn't let me off. I succeeded with the time, folding the figures quite fastly and cleanly and the delight was big, when I made it, to reconstruct shown objects. So it was only a small step for me to design my own objects.
    I produce own objects since 1992. Because I wanted other people to be able to fold my new models on their own, I just had to appropriate the technique of drawing, which was new for me. Because it is one thing to draw for yourself, but another to draw in a way that other people are able to comprehend and understand the drawings. To use the international signs is important at this.
    When I found the German Origami association Origami Deutschland e.V. it was another impulse for me. I got many notes and suggestions and also cheering ups from this association for my hobby. Till now all my models are written down in specially for that produced books. So in the meantime more than 3100 models were created including the diagrams.